How to cut stems — the right way!

How to cut stems — the right way!

Tips & Tricks for longer lasting flowers

There are few things better in life than fresh flowers at home. To help keep your flowers fresh for as long as possible, we’ve got some simple tips to share. You don’t need green fingers to make the most out of your bouquet and enjoy days of extra freshness in your vase. Just a few simple tips!

Roll up those sleeves and reach for a sharp knife or pair of secateurs – here’s everything you need to know about cutting flower stems properly. Longer lasting freshness, here we come!

The basics: How do flowers drink water?

The flowers in your bouquet ‘drink’ through their stems. Specifically the xylem, a part of the stem that carries water and nutrients up to the flower. Once picked, the end of a flower dries out, which is why it’s really important to recut your stems just before putting them in your vase.

Did you know? We pick our flowers in the bud when they’re at peak condition and filled with stored water and minerals, which helps flowers to last longer in your vase.

The Do’s

Stems are your flowers lifeline. Treating them right helps flowers stay fresh. Cut about one-centimetre off your stem at a sharp, clean angle (roughly 45 degrees, but who’s counting!). A sharp knife or pair of secateurs does the job nicely!

Get your vase ready clean it, fill it ⅓ with water, and add one sachet of flower food. Lay out your stems so that can arrange them (more on how to arrange your bouquet here ). Cut the first stem and place it straight into the water. Repeat this process, one stem at a time, until your bouquet is complete.

#ProTip Retrim your stems every three days, whenever you change the water. This’ll help them draw up the water they need.

The Don’ts

Don’t damage stems! Damaged stems can’t ‘drink’ enough water. Squashing, tearing, pulling, and crushing of stems happens when using the wrong tool. Avoid using blunt scissors or a serrated knife. And, as tempting as it can be for a quick fix, don’t tear flower stems with your hands!

#ProTip: From the woodiest to the softest stems, the tool of the trade is secateurs – their curved, ultra-sharp blade against the anvil makes for a clean and precise cut, without damaging stems. Allowing the flowers in your vase to slurp up the nutrients, so you can enjoy a long and happy bloom!

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Spreading happiness through flowers is the name of the game for bloomon and we want your flowers to last as long as possible – Here are more Tips & tricks videos.

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