DIY Flower Crown Fun: How to make your own floral headbands

DIY Flower Crown Fun: How to make your own floral headbands

Flower crowns, we love them. Last month, we teamed up with Anthropologie to host a series of pop-ups across the UK. At our last stop in London, we ended with a real treat: DIY floral crowns.

Half of the beauty of a flower is in its fragility – whether that’s a perfumed rose at its peak or a woody branch of olive ready to bust with berries. For the days when they’re in full-bloom, it’s hard to find anything tangibly comparable to the perfection of flowers and foliage. And despite our bouquets being pretty good at commanding a lot of attention already, we think it’s no bad thing to give them even more air time, and that’s where building your own flower headbands comes in.

There’s nothing so satisfying as switching off from modern life to make something with your hands. Curating a neat row of buds and blooms to encircle your own fair head is nothing short of therapy. The selection process comes first, which of your fair blooms will you to choose to make your very own floral wreath? Take your time here, it’s not a task to be taken lightly. Then there’s the arrangement. Which buds will play the main character, and which others will be in supporting roles? These flowers’ futures are in your hands. Next up? The build. The finale comes in the form of the first fitting. It’s time to crown yourself queen (or king!) of all the flower crown makers.

We encourage ‘rustic-looking’ and think ‘individuality’ is key when it comes to floral headbands. There’s certainly no right or wrong way to go about creating your very own crowning glory. If you’re ready to get started we’ve put together our easiest ever guide for how to make a flower crown in seven simple steps.

Flower headbands: How to make a flower crown

What will I need?

1 x piece of medium-thick wire, measured to 4 / 3 of the size of your head (we ordered our wire from Amazon)

4-5 x pieces of thin florist’s wire (which you can also pick up on Amazon)

2 x lengths of ribbon

1 x set of flower scissors (or your regular ones would also work if they’re nice and sharp)

1 x length of florist’s tape (we’ll give you one guess where you can get this one too…)


What are the best flowers for making floral headbands?

There’s no right or wrong way to make a flower crown, but there are some types of flowers that just work better in a flower wreath than others, thanks to the nature of their build. Ideally you want to pick flowers with thin stems. Anything too thick and heavy is likely to fall down and become more of an inconvenience to your vision that anything else.

Delicate flowers like freesias, sweet peas and lisianthus all work well thanks to their fluttery flowers that come in beautiful colours. Not too heavy, these little chaps will look gorgeous and stay where you put them.

How long will my flower crown last?

We don’t want to go on about it, but remember when we mentioned a flowers’ beauty was in its fragility? Sadly flowers are much like ourselves, without water they can’t survive. This means it’s best to make these beauties on the day you want to wear them. They’ll look pretty punchy for the first few hours, and should last until bedtime if they don’t get too hot and bothered.

Let’s do it! How do I make a flower crown?

Step 1

Bend your medium-thick wire at both ends into a loop. The doubled up wire should go roughly ⅔ of the way around your head. Join the ends in the middle and then, starting at around 1 cm from one end, wrap floral tape around the whole length of the wire, leaving a small loop at the other end too. Tie one piece of ribbon through each loop, making sure it is nice and tight. You want this to fit all the way around your head with enough ribbon to tie yourself a fancy bow at the end, so leave yourself a good amount. We think it’s nice if you match your ribbon to the colour of flowers but it never hurt to be rebellious, anything goes.


Step 2

Next: Trim your stems. You need these nice and short, around 5 cm each. We chose a mix of matching coloured flowers, but again, see how you feel. The only rules are to pick things you love the look of.


Step 3

Arrange your flowers together in a pretty arrangement, pinching them very gently between your fingers to form a mini bouquet. Secure with a length of your thin florist’s wire, making sure you pull it nice and tight to keep your flowers cuddled up together like the good friends they are. If you know you’re in for an evening of activities then we would suggest wrapping a second piece of wire around the flowers, to make sure your mini-bouquet is nice and secure.


Step 4

Bring it all together now. together. Decide where about on your head you’d like your flowers, and line them up with the right spot on your wire headband. When in position, grab another piece of your thin florist’s wire and wind it around both the flowers and your wire crown, attaching it to the wire base securely.


Step 5

Cover the wire with some tape to make it look neat and tidy.


Step 6

Give it a shake and check that everything stays in place.


Step 7

Finally, tie the ribbon around your head. Voilà! You’re done.