DIY: drying flowers

DIY: drying flowers

And make your flowers last even longer

The return of dried flowers! Perhaps you’ve seen them already on your Instagram feed or in interior magazines - dried flowers are the latest trend. Want to dry them yourself? Read more about it here. Because with the right preparations and a bit of patience, it’s easy does it.

Can you use any flower to dry?

Before you get started, it’s important to know which flowers are suitable to dry. Unfortunately, not all types are flowers can be used, mainly because either the stalks are too soft or they contain too much humidity, examples are tulips, daffodils and amaryllises. So, which flowers can you use? Well, flowers with a wood-like stalk, such as roses and sunflowers. They’re robust flowers and perfect to dry out. Also great to use are cornflowers, papaver, lady’s lace and most grass types.

Dried bunch of flowers hanging on a wall

This is how you dry flowers

The only things you need are rope, flowers and a bit of patience.

Step 1

Find a warm, dark space to dry out your flowers. Light will fade out the colours, so that’s why we recommend a dark space. The warmth will speed up the drying process making it harder for fungus to grow.

Step 2

Tie a bit of rope at the end of the stalks and hang them upside down. It’d be great if you can hang them above a heater. Make sure that you hang each flower separately, again to prevent fungus growth. It’s like with wet laundry: spread out evenly and it’ll dry out more easily.

Step 3

And now...we wait! The flowers should dry out completely from its core and this might take a couple of days. The thicker the stalk, the longer you’ll have to wait. Your flowers are properly dried when the stalk feels a bit crunchy when you pinch it. Is the stalk still flexible? Then you have to give it a bit more time.

Make your dried flowers last longer

Et voilà! Your flowers are ready for use. Be creative with arranging your dried flowers. You can now tie them together and hang them or place in a vase. The only to avoid is placing them in a humid area, like your bathroom. This is because flowers attract humidity and that’s exactly what you want to avoid with your dried bouquet. Do you want to give yourself a nice dried bouquet or a fresh one, take a look in our Floral Shop.