DIY: Deck the halls with a homemade holiday wreath

DIY: Deck the halls with a homemade holiday wreath

Festive style that always comes back around!

This year, we're taking it back to velveteen greens and ruffed foliage to create a luxurious and modern wreath that is equal parts chic, cheerful, and Christmasy. So, grab your bloomon bouquet, mull the wine, and discover how to make a gorgeous centrepiece that your holiday guests will love.

All you need is...

To create this simple and evergreen holiday wreath, you’ll need:

  • Secateurs
  • Paper wire
  • Three big black Cornus stems
  • Eucalyptus Populus leaves
  • Grevillea sprigs
  • Nobilis sprigs
  • Birch twigs


Step by step, leaf by leaf

Step one:

Bend and flex the Cornus branches to make them more flexible. This makes it easier to bend them into a ring.

Step two:

Layer the Cornus branches with a one-third overlap and bind them together with wire, wrapping several times to secure. Bend the tied branches gently into a ring. Bind the joining point securely with a piece of wire.

Step three:

Take a birch twig and tuck the end into the circular frame and weave it around the ring. Repeat with the remaining twigs, layering them like a wicker basket — weaving them to fill out the wreath.

Step four:

Now you can start adding leaves and sprigs to create that lovely half-moon shape. Eucalyptus not only adds beautiful flashes of mossy green, but it fills your home with a fresh festive fragrance. You can bind the aromatic leaves to the Cornus branches by securing the delicate stems with wire in a way that the leaves are free to pop.


Step five:

Strategically attach the grevillea sprigs in the opposite direction of your secured eucalyptus leaves to create a dynamic texture and flow within your half-moon. Again, use wire if needed to keep the sprigs in place, but always cover it with your foliage after.

Step six:

Finally, place the Nobilis sprigs by removing some of the needles at the ends of the sprigs and stuff it underneath the wire that is already there. Model it to flow with the wreath, or how ever your green fingers see fit.

Voilà! Your holiday wreath is ready to shine.


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