DIY | A cloud of flowers

DIY | A cloud of flowers

Longing for a beautiful, flower-filled summer? Surround yourself with summer flowers: wear a homemade flower crown or go even further and create your own cloud of flowers to hang above the table. We explain how to do this below.

You willneed:

  • A strong branch
  • Chicken wire
  • Iron wire
  • Seasonal flowers and leafy greens
  • Fishing line

Use the most beautiful flowers

Are you going for fresh or dried flowers? The advantage of dried flowers is that they stay looking beautiful for longer. If you prefer to go for fresh flowers, make sure that they have absorbed enough water beforehand. Don't be afraid to combine fresh flowers with dried leaves and leafy greens to create extra texture and allure. The stems we have used are roses, Anthuriums, Limoniums, a Hydrangea, dried palm leaf and the phlebodium leaf. These stems withstand the heat well and remain looking beautiful for ages.

Step 1: The perfect branch

It doesn't matter which branch you choose, as long as it is sturdy. Examine it from all angles and focus on the shape. This will help you to show the branch from its best side later on. We used a magnolia branch.

Step 2: Tie a piece of wire and chicken wire around the branch

Cut a long and narrow piece of chicken wire. Wrap the wire around the branch. Then bend the chicken wire around the branch, not too tight but not too loose – make sure there is enough room for the stems to be put through.

Step 3: Make with a base of leaves

Start with the largest leaves. Make sure they have a long enough stem to stick them between the chicken wire. Make sure the stems cross in opposite directions, extending them in different directions for a lush and botanical effect. This also ensures that the chicken wire will no longer be visible.

Step 4: Add the flowers

Cut around 5 to 8cm off the flower stems. Stick them between the leaves. Use wire to secure them to the chicken wire if necessary. Add flowers where you think they look best. Go for an explosive tuft of flowers in the middle, or create a whimsical shape by adding bunches of flowers randomly between the leaves. Hide the stems and attachment of the previous flower with a new flower.

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