Dining in style: 3 suggestions for a festive Christmas table

Dining in style: 3 suggestions for a festive Christmas table

Impress your guests during dinner with a unique table setting

Wine’s chilled and turkey in the oven? Hold up! One essential element to complete the festivities is missing: a cheerful dining table! Spice up your interior for the holidays with these simple styling tips.

Whether you’re pulling all the stops for a traditional Christmas or going for a modernized version, we like to inspire you with our suggestions for a unique table setting. It’s time to show off!

1. Playful pops of colour

Want to do some different than using the traditional reds and greens of Christmas? Do your own thing this year and add some surprising pops of colour to your Christmas table. Start with the basics for your table setting by using a neutral main colour for your tablecloth and/or your plates. Colours like yellow ochre, dusty rose or terracotta, for example, will add a unique twist. Place small vases in different sizes on the table with flowers of different heights and colours for a playful look. Tip: coloured twigs, branches and grasses will look very cute as well.


2. Colour on colour

By using the interior trend of ‘colour on colour’, or also known as ton-sur-ton, you’ll be totally on trend for 2020. This technique involves using different tones of one colour. Play with light, dark, matte and shiny textures for a playful and stylish effect. A colour that will be very prominent next year is burgundy, a warm wine-red colour that provides an instant feeling of Christmas. Added bonus, no need to worry about wine stains on your tablecloth. Cheers!


3. Scandinavian style

Light up your interior during the dark winter months with the Scandinavian style, an interior trend that has become immensely popular over the last few years. In Sweden, Norway and Finland it gets dark very early during the day and that’s why a typical Scandi-interior uses light, soft colours, modern shapes and natural materials. This minimal and sleek design gives a calming appearance in which your Christmas table can, quite literally, be the centrepiece of your interior. Decorate your table with leaves and flowers in soft hues to create a holiday look.