Dahlia debut: Meet our new flower!

Dahlia debut: Meet our new flower!

A special addition to bloomon bouquets

We get excited about flowers all the time, but when a new variety makes its debut in our bouquets, we take to the rooftops to shout about it.

First, we showcased our very own Tulipa ‘Rebel Yellow’ . Then just recently, we introduced our spectacular white sunflower ‘White Knight’ . And now (drum roll, please), meet the never-before-seen dahlia ‘Romantica’. Isn’t she a beauty?


What’s in a name?

We have a very collaborative relationship with all our growers, so we were overjoyed when Dutch grower Jan Vleut — the star of our dahlia video — gave us the opportunity to name a new variety of dahlia.

If you’ve ever named a baby, a company or even a car, you’ll know what a challenge it is to find that perfect moniker. We looked at this gorgeous decorative dahlia and knew it needed a name that was visionary, yet delicate. We went through quite a list (Valentina, Ingénue, Amarilla, and Gothique to note a few) before settling on the one.

‘Romantica’ not only perfectly describes yellow heart and dreamy double petals that fade from cream to purple, but honours our New Romantics collection — bloomon’s 2017 autumn bouquet collection that was all about showcasing the unique beauty of flowers.

Dignified. Dreamy. Distinct.

The debut of dahlia ‘Romantica’ in our bouquets signals the start of dahlia season. They bloom from mid-summer to the first sign of frost and are as hardy as they are beautiful — no wonder they’re adored as garden flowers as well as in bouquets.

In floriography, the language of flowers, dahlias represent dignity, elegance, and inner-strength as well as symbolising commitment. What a romantic meaning for a romantic flower!

Dahlia debut!

Dahlia fans, this is your season. You’ll find the Romantica and many other dahlia varieties in our bouquets from now until the end of autumn.

Lucky enough to have a dahlia in your bouquet? Share photos of your bouquet using #bloomon on Instagram or Facebook . Our community loves to see your flowers in your home, and so do we!

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