Coronavirus | We still deliver

Coronavirus | We still deliver

Now with more care than ever before

Here at bloomon we are also keeping up with the latest developments around the coronavirus. We're following up on the advice of Public Health England and NHS, and have amended our company activities accordingly. We've bundled all the frequently asked questions to make it easier for you to find your query. More questions? Please reach out to us.

Do you still deliver flowers?

Yes. We will still deliver your bouquet to your front door. However, instead of handing it over directly, we will do this with 'no contact' as much as possible. This means that the delivery person will still ring your bell as usual, will make sure that your door opens, but will then place your bouquet on your doorstep. I'd be convenient if you place a vase, a bucket or a crate by your door, so your bouquet can placed in either object.

We always strive to deliver all our flowers in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, in some exceptional cases our flowers are delivered later than scheduled. This can be caused by limitations set to prevent further spread of the pandemic, such as stricter checks at the border. Our box partners will do their utmost best to deliver as quickly as possible. Should any small delay occur, we ask our customers to keep these precautions in mind. When a bouquet is not up to standards due to quality issues, we ask our customers to contact our customer service.

Gift bouquets and accessories

Our gift bouquets and accessories (vases and other products) delivered by our delivery partner DPD , are still available to order. The delivery staff of DPD and our own production team all work with stricter hygiene protocols.

What other actions are you taking to avoid spreading the virus?

All our delivery and production staff work with stricter hygiene protocols. In accordance with the regulations, as many staff members as possible are working from home. Delivery and production team members who are not feeling well, have been in a risk area or have been in contact with infected people are all requested to work at home.

More information about measures and Covid-19 can be found on the website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment and via NHS.uk.