Cocktail O’Clock : 3 floral cocktails to try this summer

Cocktail O’Clock : 3 floral cocktails to try this summer

Quench your thirst with an elderflower champagne, rose mojito, and Aperfloral Spritz

There’s the smell of sun lotion and barbequed veggies in the air. The ice clinks in your glass. You take a sip – fresh, floral, fruity. Heaven!

There are hundreds of delicious classic summer cocktails that are out-of-this-world delicious. (Yes, we like Piña Coladas, and getting caught in the rain). But what we can’t go without – whether in the garden, by the pool or at the beach – is a summer cocktail with a fresh floral twist! bloomon’s branching out: We've created three easy summer drinks to sip well into September and beyond.

Rose Mojito

A feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. This light, refreshing concoction is a variation on the classic mojito. Infusing it with rose gives it a subtle floral twist that’ll have you going for another round... or two! For a non alcoholic version, simply leave out the rum. Seriously, this drink is as delicious as an artisan mocktail as a our original.

Prep : 5 minutes or less
Glass : Collins / tumbler
Method : Muddled, built in glass

You Need

6 fragrant rose petals
6 fresh mint leaves
½ a lime, in segments
1-2 teaspoons brown sugar
20 ml rose water
50 ml white rum (or gold)
Sparkling water

Here’s How

In the bottom of the collins glass, muddle the fresh lime with brown sugar.
Add the mint leaves, rose petals and rose water. Lightly muddle to infuse the flavours
Fill your glass with ice and add the rum.
With a tall spoon, gentle stir, making sure the petals and leaves are everywhere in the glass.
Top with sparkling water and give it a stir.
Garnish with more rose petals or rose bud.

Elderflower Fizz

We’ll let you into a secret, this elderflower champagne is so simple, we feel a bit guilty even calling it a cocktail. It’s a luxurious, floral variation on a Kir Royale. Our tip: Put the glasses in the fridge to cool off, keeping this hot summer cocktail ice cold as you sip. Cheers!

Prep : 3 minutes or less
Glass : Coupe / champagne flute
Method : -

You Need

200 ml champagne (cava or a sparkling wine work just as well)
20 ml elderflower cordial

Here’s How

Add the elderflower cordial to your coupe glass.
Slowly pour the champagne into your coupe glass. If you’re using a champagne flute, tilt the glass on a steep angle to avoid too much fizz.

Aperfloral Spritz

The Aperol Spritz craze shows no sign of stopping and we couldn’t be happier! Hop on board the aperitivo train and enjoy this summer refresher with a fruity-floral twist. Do like the Italians do and sip away on a terrace as the sun goes down.

Ever heard of an non alcoholic Aperfloral Spritz? For a mocktail just as tasty as the original, swap the Aperol and rum for alcohol-free sparkling wine and rhubarb shrub (or syrup for a sweeter drink).

Prep : 3 minutes or less
Glass : Large wine glass
Method : Built in the glass

You Need

20 ml dark rum (or gold)
25 ml Aperol
70 ml grapefruit soda
10-15 ml rose water
3 dashes of orange bitters
Fresh orange for garnish

Here’s How

In your glass, add the the rum, aperol, and rose water.
Fill with ice.
Pour grapefruit soda until the glass is nearly full.
Add a slice of orange for garnish and finish with 3 dashes of orange bitters.

Now all you need to do is send out the invites – enjoy the summer!

Friendly reminder: Buy edible flowers from the supermarket. The flowers in a bouquet are for admiring, not eating.

Because the only thing better than a floral cocktail is a vase full of fresh flowers. Order your summer bouquet below: