Clear the mind with bloomon colouring pages

Clear the mind with bloomon colouring pages

Add more colour and flowers to your life

As a child, didn’t we all spend hours on end colouring with full concentration? Of course, right? Well, by being creatively active it allows you to escape everyday life for just a bit. So whether you print these for your kids or for yourself - we can already safely say, colouring our bloomon bouquets will be pleasantly addictive!

From sketch to a bouquet

Our floral artists really know how relaxing it is to draw flowers. But did you know that our floral stylists, together with our style director Anton, make a sketch of every newly designed bouquet first? This allows Anton to see all the creative ideas on paper first and lets them decide the shape of the bouquet more easily. Making it simpler to surprise you every single time with unexpected floral design.