‘Tis the season of style: floral bough DIY

‘Tis the season of style: floral bough DIY

Deck the halls with boughs of flowers, fa la la la la la la la la

This year, why not create a contemporary take on the classic wreath? This simple, yet oh-so-stunning floral bough is equal parts chic, cheerful, and Christmassy. So grab your festive bloomon bouquet, mull the wine, and discover how to make this gorgeous modern decoration that you and your guests will love.

For this DIY, you will need

  • Magnolia branch
  • Rustic binding wire
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Flowers of choice
  • Nerine, scabiosa, rose, scabiosa seed pods, rosehip, dianthus
  • Foliage: Eucalyptus, pine, leucadendron, asaparagus fern, phlebodium


Step 1: Marvel your magnolia

Check your magnolia branch. Admire it. Get a feel for its weight and shape. * This will help you determine how to hang it to accentuate it’s natural — and stunning — shape.

Step 2: The wire

Cut a long, workable length of wire. The idea is to use a continuous piece of wire for this DIY, as it’s easier than cutting a new piece every time. When you get to the end of your first length of wire, attach another cut of wire tp the same piece by twisting the ends together.


Step 3: Attach foliage

By wrapping the wire, attach your chosen foliage securely to the magnolia branch. Keep layering foliage onto your branch like tiles on a roof.

TIP: Face foliage tips toward the magnolia flowers for a more visually appealing design

Step 4: Add flowers

Cut your flower stems short, about 5-8 cm. Longer stems are hard to work with. Add flowers with the wire as you did the foliage. Cover the stems and wire fixtures with the next flower you add. Trim any excess stem off, once it’s secured to the branch.


Step 5: Make it your own

Keeping adding flowers and foliage as you like — be spontaneous, play with colours, flower shape, and texture. The sky is the limit with your floral bough!

TIP: You can enliven an area of rich red flowers and dark green foliage with highlights of peach or cream

Step 6: Finally, more foliage

To finish, add the last 2-4 sprigs of foliage securely with wire facing the other way. It’s ok that the wire will be obvious here, you can hide it with ribbon when you hang it!


Step 7: the finishing touch

Make it really pop by adding some stunning scabiosa seed pods for a final floral accent.

Step 8: Hang it!

Using ribbon or twine, hang your Holiday DIY creation. Floral bough? More like floral wow!


We’d love to see your homemade floral boughs! Share your creations with us on Instagram or Facebook using #bloomon.