bloomon spring flowers April

bloomon spring flowers April

A sneakpeek at our spring flowers

Spring is in the air and our floral stylists are already creating new designs for spring, filled with the best flowers this season has to offer. Every time your new bouquet arrives, it’ll be a new spring surprise. Maybe filled with one of these spring favs…


Nickname: Ornamental onion
Family: Amaryllidaceae (daffodils)

This cheerful purple orb shaped flower can grow up to 39 feet and stands proud and tall. It’s related to chives, garlic and leeks, you’ll notice this yourself when you cut a bit of the stalk - you’ll be greeted by the smell of onions. In the past alliums were used to keep danger at bay. Which they were quite good at apparently, as they’re now known as a symbol of victory. Alliums originate from parts along the northern hemisphere, but also have roots in Chile, Brazil and tropical Africa.

Tip: To make an allium last, it needs a bit of help from you. Refresh the water every three days and make sure to cut off about half an inch of the stalk. This makes it easier for the flower to drink and it’ll make the allium last for about two victorious weeks.

Salix golden curls

Nickname: Willow
Family: Salicaceae (willows)
What would spring be like without willows! Here’s a curly willow, one with golden locks. It’s also known as the Chinese willow, though it’s named after the Japanese botanist Sadahisa Matsuda.

Tip: If you leave the branch in the vase long enough, it’ll most probably grow roots. Before planting in your garden, you should know that it can grow up to 32 feet.


Nickname: Easter tree
Family: Oleaceae (olives)
Forsythia is the symbol of Chinese New Year which is celebrated all over the world. In early spring this bush blossoms fully with an explosion of bright yellow flowers. The plant is related to the olive trees and is named after the Scottish botanist William Forsyth (1737-1804), who was the main gardener of the Royal Family for quite some time. The bright burst of yellow flowers with the dark brown branch combined lead to the nickname Easter tree. Just like an olive branch it symbolises hope and expectations. The forsythia is a tough one and odds are that the branch will outlive the flowers. So after the flowers have blossomed out, you can always enjoy the branch longer, why not in a cute little vase in a new spot in your home?


Nickname: Lady’s mantle
Family: Rosaceae (roses)

Legend goes that the name alchemilla is Arabic for alchemy. People used to believe that this flower - with its yellow flowers with star shaped petals - had special powers. It was believed that the drops on the petals were the purest water on earth, which was used by medieval alchemists to make gold. Unfortunately, they were never successful.

Tip: Show the alchemilla some love with clean water and cut off a bit of the stalk to make her last for about two weeks (sometimes even longer!).