bloomon holiday flower guide: our festive flowers

bloomon holiday flower guide: our festive flowers

Festive flowers that celebrate the season with you!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been looking forward to this time of the year: chunky knits, candlelight, an excuse to drink mulled wine and every reason to celebrate, from work dos to family feasts. Our new holiday bouquet collection, THE GIFT OF STYLE, is inspired by the season’s spirited energy and offers fresh interpretations of classic festive flower arrangements.

In this flower guide to our holiday bouquets, discover beloved stems synonymous with the season and uncover new festive favourites. And, to make sure your flowers shine brightly in your home as the guest of honour, there’s wisdom from our floral stylists about how to make your flowers last longer.


Nickname : amaryllis

Family : Amaryllidaceae

After the Christmas tree, elegant amaryllis might just be the most festive flora out there! Its showy, trumpet-like blooms brighten any winterscape. Whilst varieties like ‘Christmas Gift’ and ‘St Joseph’s Staff’ are recognised holiday favourites, look forward to unexpected, modern varieties in your bloomon bouquet. Amaryllis ‘Merengue’ (Hippeastrum cybister) turns heads. It’s long, crimson petals are reminiscent of giant orchids. A new holiday classic.

Tips & Tricks : Take care to support the hollow stem when cutting 2 cm off the bottom. The stem is made up of layers, like an onion, which can peel and curl at the end in the vase — keep this to a minimum by regularly retrimming the stem on a slant and refreshing the vase with cold water.

Euphorbia fulgens

Nickname : euphorbia, scarlet plume

Family : Euphorbiaceae (spurge family)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere wonderful winter flowers, like Euphorbia fulgens, are blooming. This cascading ‘plume’, native to Mexico, is a close cousin to the ever-so-festive poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima). The Latin epithet, fulgens, means ‘glistening’— exactly what euphorbia does in a flower arrangement.

Tips & Tricks : A defining characteristic of plants and flowers in the Euphorbia genus is the milky sap that seeps from the stem when cut. Always wash your hands after working with euphorbia.

Ilex verticillata

Nickname : winterberry

Family : Aquifoliaceae (holly)

Native to North America and southeast Canada, winterberry gets top points for hardiness. Its densely packed, brightly burnished berries dazzle all winter long and have an excellent vase life. Not only is Ilex verticillata a feast for our eyes in a bouquet, but it is also a favourite food of over forty species of birds — like robins — and small mammals in the wild.

Tips & Tricks : Even after you’ve had to say goodbye to your bouquet, winterberries are amongst the long-lasting stems that can be displayed in their own in a mini vase for weeks.

The woody stem is best cut with secateurs or a sharp knife. Crushing the top end of the branch can allow the cut end to draw up more water. Remove any branches or berries below the vase rim.


Nickname : rose

Family : Rosaceae

Intrinsically linked to the symbolism of love, what better flower to be showcased in our holiday bouquets. ‘Tis the season for loving one another, and a rose serves as the reminder. Spot out-of-the-ordinary roses to celebrate the party season, like the Rose ‘Pink Floyd’. A rich, glitzy pink that oozes style.

Tips & Tricks : Cut the stem diagonally and add to the vase with a sachet of flower food. Where possible, leave thorns on the stems, but remove leaves — it gives a cleaner look in the vase.

Chamelaucium uncinatum

Nickname : waxflower

Family : Myrtaceae (myrtle family)

Fragrance is at the heart of the holidays and our holiday bouquets. Waxflowers, and their light, lemony-fresh fragrance, are the perfect addition. Related to other Christmas-scented plants like eucalyptus, clove, and tea tree, its endemic to Australia.

The needle-like leaves contain oil glands, which release a perfume when rubbed or crushed. Those waxy little flowers? Beautiful and durable with the right care, lasting three weeks!

Tips & Tricks : Festive in a bouquet or on their own and looking fab fresh or dried, why not use waxflowers in a floral centrepiece or wreath?

Matthiola incana

Nickname : stock

Family : Brassicaceae (mustard family)

Another fragrant addition to your bloomon holiday bouquet is matthiola, a delicate flower spike with a scent so delicious, it’s the top note of our scented candle. The sweet, slightly spicy fragrance is perfect for the festive season.

Tips & Tricks : Trim 1-2 cm off the stem at an angle, remove foliage below the vase rim, and arrange it in clean water.


Nickname : lily

Family : Liliaceae

White lilies, as fresh as winter snow, have a long history as a holiday flower. THE GIFT OF STYLE, in its warm reds, vivacious purples, and champagne-pinks redefines the festive colour palette — our lilies, too! Lillum ‘Corleone’ paves the way of holiday floral decor. This LA (longiflorum/Asiatic) lily is an exotic, rich maroon, reminiscent of mulled wine.

Tips & Tricks : Make your lily last longer by carefully removing the pollen by either plucking or trimming. Pollen, when it falls on the petals, can shorten their vase life.

As with all flowers, a trick to making them last longer is to refresh the water every three days and to keep them away from ripening fruit — the ethylene gas produced in this produces speeds up wilting — as well as draughts and radiators.

There are lots of other enchanting seasonal flowers to discover in our holiday bouquets. Order yours to see for yourself!