bloomon fall flower guide: our autumn stems

bloomon fall flower guide: our autumn stems

Which flower will you fall for?

Imagine; a relaxed stroll through your favourite streets, pumpkin spice latte in hand, as you admire the golden radiance of the turning foliage. Fall is here, and with it, a renewed sense of happiness. In ode to the most magical of seasons, our new fall bouquet collection COSY is all about homely style and comfort.

We can’t wait to introduce you to our favourite stems of the season! Don’t forget to make your flowers as happy as you are with our tips and tricks.


Nickname : Stonecrop

Family : Crassulaceae (succulents)

The name Sedum comes from the Latin sedare, which means 'to keep away' or 'to drain'. In the past, they believed that this flower would be a real lightning conductor. Just try to stay away from those super-soft pastel-coloured petals!

Tips & tricks : Sedum is perfect for drying! Hang the flower upside down until it is completely dehydrated and ready to use as an accessory in the home.


Nickname : Rosehip

Family : Rosaceae

If you're talking about fall flowers, then, of course, you're probably thinking about rosehip. The fruit of the beautiful rose, it displays an enchanting deep reddish black colour. All the seeds are hidden in the fruit; sticky fingers guaranteed if you open one.

Tips & tricks : If it's come time to say goodbye to your bouquet, chances are that the rosehip included is still going strong. Celebrate the golden years of this long-living stem by displaying it in a mini vase for a fulfilling fall look.


Nickname : Euphorbia

Family : Euphorbiaceae

There are almost 2000 different Euphorbias, that often look very different from one another. For example, the Christmas star is also one. However, they have one thing in common, namely the sticky white milky juice contained within. Be sure to wash your hands after cutting this stem as it can cause skin irritation.

Tips & tricks : Cut about 1 cm off the stem (more is not necessary) in a sharp angle. In this way the stem can 'drink' optimally and the flower stays happy for a long(er) time.


Nickname : Cabbage or ornamental cabbage

Family : Cruciferae (cross flowers)

The ruffled petals of this fall stem look just like cabbage! Not surprising, because it belongs to the same family. Nevertheless, we recommend you leave it in your vase, and off your dinner plate. The dark purple and red colours of this flower welcome a feel-good vibe of autumn direct in your home.

Tips & tricks : Brassica's are easy to please. The stem likes a cool environment, so do not put your vase in direct sunlight or near a heating source like a radiator or aircon.


Nickname : Knightess, The Naked Lady

Family : Amaryllidaceae (daffodil family)

It doesn’t get any more elegant and feminine than the amaryllis. She owes her nickname to a combination of the Latin 'hippeus' (knight) and 'astron' (star). If you look at the shape of the petals, you immediately know where the nickname Knightess comes from. In America, they call her ‘Naked Lady’ because the stem has no foliage. Usually, there are four to six impressive flowers on the stem.

Tips & tricks : Amaryllis grows very fast, so make sure it has enough space to spread its velvety leaves. Once in bloom, remove the wilted leaves so that the energy only goes to the healthy flowers.


Nickname : Chrysanthemum

Family : Asteraceae

A flower with a golden heart— literally. Her name comes from ancient Greek ‘chrusos’ (gold) and ‘anthemon’ (flower). As strong as they are beautiful, chrysanthemums are available in almost any colour; can vary from single to double-flowered, and come in spider or fluff.

Tips & tricks : Chrysanthemums are quickly satisfied and don’t need much extra care. — refresh it every three days — and don't forget to cut the stem at an angle.

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