Being creative with flowers: 3 tips

Being creative with flowers: 3 tips

Use your creative mind and be more productive

Make your home an inspiring place to be. Especially wow it’s the best time to be more creative. Empty your mind and heighten your productivity with these tips.

Drying your own flowers

Frame spring and dry flowers through pressing. Put your flowers between sheets of kitchen paper and either put them in a flower press or place a heavy object (or a stack of books) on top. Keep them in a dry spot for at least three weeks - you have enough time to spare now anyway, right? Are the flowers completely dry between the kitchen paper? Then they’re ready to be framed. Rather air-dry your flowers? Discover which flowers are suitable and how to do this in this blog .

Bring out your artistic side

A bouquet of flowers is a feast for the eye, but the fun really begins when you let your imagination run wild. Grap your pencils and paintbrushes and let your creative skills roam freely: draw or paint your flowers and add a personal twist. Also, this a great activity to do with your kids.

Make your own wallpaper

Proud of your flowers and the space they’re in? Show it! Embellish your phone’s background or computer screen with your own unique, one-of-a-kind wallpaper. To take a good picture, one doesn’t need to be a pro anymore, any new smartphone will have a great camera. Don’t stop till you have the perfect picture and if you want to improve your skills, then check our tips in this blog.