Behind the bouquet! Discover our stylists’ secrets

Behind the bouquet! Discover our stylists’ secrets

From brainstorm to bouquet and every step in between

bloomon bouquets are utterly original, both in the way they look and how they are imagined. And, with a new bouquet design released every week of the year, our in-house floral stylists are always hard at work! We sat down with our head floral stylist to get to the core of how the team's unique designing process works.

What is a bloomon bouquet?

The bloomon bouquet style is contemporary, its shape takes inspiration from Scandinavian design and Dutch floral tradition. Unlike the compact Biedermeier or classic country-style, bloomon bouquets play with space and different stem heights, giving every flower room to bloom.

Our bouquets come in three sizes and revolve around surprise: there’s a new design every week and we never use the same flower twice in the same bouquet — every stem is unique and seasonal. Plus, we work directly with growers so our flowers radiate in your home for longer — 12 days or more with the right care.

Where do you start?

It all begins a year in advance, with a pre-season inspiration session between the floral stylists and the art team. They discuss the latest trends in interior design, fashion, and flowers — new and unusual varieties of flowers are constantly being created and our team makes sure that bloomon premieres these new beauties, like our white sunflower or dahlia.

From there, our head floral stylist creates what we lovingly call The Mother Bouquet. The quintessential representation of the season in terms of the best seasonal flowers and colours available.

Based on The Mother Bouquet, the team work together to create a seasonal colour book, which contains the colour palette and mood board for each week — ergo, each bouquet — of the season.


How do you go from mood board to bouquet?

Now, the stylists go wild. With colour book in hand, they go about designing and crafting each bouquet of the 12-week season. Like a painter with a large canvas and oils by their side, our floral stylists set up their favourite flowers in the atelier and combine stems, colours, and textures to create a floral masterpiece.

Every bouquet goes through many iterations before everyone on the team is happy. The team continually ask themselves: does it fit with the season? Is it inspiring? Is it original? If it’s yes to all three, its go, go, go into production and into your homes.


How do you source flowers?

bloomon works very closely with growers, predominantly in the Netherlands, so that we can source the most beautiful and inspirational flowers the season has to offer. Even working together with them to create new varieties, like bloomon’s own Tulipa ‘Rebel Yellow’.

What is your best advice when arranging a bloomon bouquet home?

“It’s really a feeling. The great thing about flower arranging is that you can’t go wrong because the arrangement reflects how you feel at that moment.” — Anton van Duijn, head floral stylist.

He adds that although it’s best to arrange on instinct, there are a few pointers to keep in mind when arranging your flowers at home.

  1. There is beauty in the empty space in your arrangement. Give flowers space to open up.

  2. Remove the leaves to accentuate the flowers — chrysanthemums, snapdragons and lisianthus, for example, have a lot of leaves. Removing them gives you cleaner lines, breathing space, and helps to keep the water in your vase clearer for longer.

  3. Stay hydrated! The best practice is to clean your vase thoroughly and refresh the water every two or three days!

Want more arranging tips? Go to IGTV on Instagram to see how we style our three sizes.