Beach retreat: 5 hidden beaches in Europe

Beach retreat: 5 hidden beaches in Europe

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Forget hoards of tourists on crowded beaches littered in loungers and umbrellas. We’ve been inspired by the most special places and secluded beaches on earth for RESORT, our new summer bouquet collection. Beat the crowds and get lost in paradise at the five most beautiful, lesser-known beaches in Europe.

Plus, We’re also spilling the beans on where to find the most beautiful
beach resorts nearby. Surf’s up, let’s go!



Marina di Pisciotta, Le Saline
Where : The coast of Cilento, 160 km south of Naples
When : The whole summer season
Sleep : Marulivo Hotel

Pisciotta is exactly as you would imagine a South Italian coastal town. With narrow streets, pastel-coloured houses that have clean laundry fluttering outside. There's ancient hidden churches (a must visit in any Italian town) and small piazzas where the locals enjoy watching the world go by.

Fishing is the main business in this tiny town, so we recommend opting for the catch of the day at one of the beach restaurants. You can't beat freshly caught fish. Want to feel the sand between your toes? The white-sand beach Le Saline is nearby, where you can claim a sunbed and daydream in the sun. An idyllic place for a chilled out summer vacation!



Kum Beach
Where : One of the western-most parts of Turkey, 45 minutes drive from Izmir
When : May, September, October
Sleep : Manastir Hotel

With its unspoiled landscape and serious tropical vibes, Alacati is the place of your dreams. Lush mountains dot the horizon and every narrow street leads to the ocean. The beach itself is an oasis of calm. The water is at a constant perfect temperature for a refreshing swim. In the evenings, the foodie in you can indulge in authentic Mediterranean restaurants. Or let your hair down and party ‘til the sun comes up at one of the luxury clubs on the beach.



Stoupa Beach, Kalogria beach
Where : Southern Greece, 1 hour drive from Kalamata
When : The whole summer season
Sleep : Voulas

In the town of Mani, just beyond the olive trees, you’ll find the three hidden beaches of Stoupa. The perfect place to escape busy everyday life and find inspiration in its mythical landscape. The largest beach has plenty of seating under the thatched umbrellas. And, you don’t even have to venture far for a delicious cocktail laden with fresh fruit! Lots of energy? Dive into the azure waters where you can snorkel, sail or simply go for a swim. A short ten-minute walk away, revel in yet more Greek Tropicana at Kalogria beach, where you can simultaneously get your scuba diving license and laze under the palms.



Llafranc Beach, Tamariu Beach
Where : Northern Spain, one hour from Girona
When : July and August
Sleep : Hotel Casamar , Hotel Tamariu

We know, the word 'costa' can conjure up images of lots of people and overcrowded beaches. But the Spanish coastal town of Llafranc is the antithesis of that. With its mountainous coastline, secluded beaches, and luxury vibes, it's a feast for the eyes and mind. You can hear birds of paradise in the palms as the waves lash against the rugged cliffs. Along the promenade, there's luxury resorts, restaurants, fishing- and boathouses. We can’t help but lust for laid-back dinner at sunset.

Tip : Fancy a beach holiday in total luxury? Visit Tamariu, a small town in the more expensive area of ​​the Costa Brava. You will find a large beach with exclusive hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

(Wikimedia, B. Nyman)


Salema Beach
Where : Algarve, Southern Portugal, a half hour drive from Lagos
When : The whole summer season
Sleep : Vila Valverde

A lot of the coastline in Algarve has been built up, but the very tip remains unspoiled in its natural beauty. Costa Vicentina Natural Park is the perfect example: lay your towel on the pearl-white beach and take a dip in the crystal clear water, where you’ll be hard-pressed to meet another soul. For the more adventurous, it’s a windsurfers paradise. Fancy some history? Visit the 150 million-year-old limestone caves on the west side of the beach, where you can find footprints of dinosaurs. And relive your childhood dream of being Indiana Jones.

A vacation in a vase.

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