Back-to-work blues? Kickstart yourself and your flowers

Back-to-work blues? Kickstart yourself and your flowers

Back-to-work with energy that flourishes

Still stuck in holiday mode? Time to step into gear! A fresh start to get back to work is best done when your surround yourself with flourishing energy. Give your interior and workspot a boost with flowers and help your fresh bloomer transition to a new season. Ready for a floral overload? Ready, set, go...

1. Flowers give you a happiness boost

No matter the occassion: flowers spread happiness. Flowers heal, surprise, refresh and give off a positive vibe. By the way not just to your mood – the scent and colours of fresh seasonal bloomers bring an instant happiness boost to any interior! Now that the days are becoming shorter and you might spend more evening getting cosy on the sofa with a hot cup of tea, it's the perfect timing to make your house even more of a home. Add some floral touches to your home and surround yourself with flourishing energy. Bring is some nature and experiment with new styles. Did you know that flowers and plants (for example lavender) have a calming effect and can bring your pulse down? So flowers make you feel more relaxed in your surroundings!

Happiness boost for your flowers: just like fresh seasonal flowers make you happy, you can make your flowers happy by giving them the attenttion they deserve. Place your vase in a spot where your bouquet where it takes centre stage, like on a stack of magazines by the sofa or on your dining table. Make sure not to place your flowers near a heat source like candles or your heater.

2. Flowers and plants help you focus

Struggling with getting back to work? We totally understand. Keep yourself stimulated and create a work environment where you can focus completely. Did you know that various research has showed that surrounding yourself with flowers and plants allows you to perform better at work as it boosts productivity. Well, we can tell you all about it! Flowers and plants have a very positive effect on your focus levels and heightens your creativity...that's what we call a win-win!

Give your flowers all the power to bloom: speaking of being concentrated, did you know that a sachet of flower nutritiants - included with each bouquet- is like a cup of coffee for your flowers? It provides your flowers a great start, a real kickstarter. This mix of nutriants makes sure that flowers get all the energy they need to bloom. You only add the sachet when placing the flowers in the vase for the first time. Adding more nutriants at a later time is unnecesary and even advised against; too much nutrition will speed up the blooming process.

3. Express yourself with flowers

Love of flowers should be shared with others. Seasonal bloomers come in so many excentric shapes and fresh scents: each flower has her own qualities and meaning. That's why it's extra nice to know what it actually means when you want to give someone flowers. In our flower library you can discover everything about our flowers - from the origin to the symbolism and from arranging tips to tricks to enjoy your flowers longer.

This is how you know that your flowers need something: with the right care and attention your flowers will last longer. Check on them daily. Do they have sufficient water? Make sure to clean the vase every two to three days, refresh the water and also cut a bit off the stems. Your flowers will thank you.