Autumn stems you actually want to stay inside for

Autumn stems you actually want to stay inside for

Soft textures and spicy colours: autumn stems are here at last! Let us introduce you to six firm vase favourites – some showpieces for your home.


Family: Haemodoraceae

This majestic flower has a velvety texture which perfectly suits the autumn. If you squint, this flower also looks a bit like a kangaroo paw. A nickname which she owes to her country of origin: Australia. Did you know that you can dry the Anigozanthos? After she has bloomed in your vase, hang her upside down from a string in a warm, dry place. Once dried, you can admire them for months: perfect for in a mini vase!

Anigozanthos bloomon


Family: Amaryllidaceae

The Amarine is a true autumn bloomer. She is a cross between the beautiful Amaryllis and the Nerine. A beautiful eye-catcher with her slender stems and tongue-shaped petals. Feed her fresh water regularly – every three days – and she will even make it into a mini vase.

amarine bloomon


Family: Asteraceae

The Chrysanthemum has been used in China as a medicinal herb for hundreds of years - before even the beginning of the Common Era. In 1700 the flower arrived in Europe, at first only in the well-known golden yellow colour. But when the flower became more popular, growers began experimenting with it and new varieties were soon born. The flower is so popular in Japan that it has been declared their national symbol.

Chrysant bloomon


Family: Asteraceae

The Dahlia is a flower that you just can't take your eyes off. Round or spiky, one colour, stripes or dots: Dahlia lovers can pick from so many different varieties. This Mexican beauty represents pride, gratitude and strength. A special flower to come home to.

Dahlia bloomon

Fatsia 'japonica'

Family: Araliaceae

Autumn is the moment for beautiful foliage. The Fatsia 'japonica' adds a luxurious, botanical feel to your bouquet. Taking care of leafy greens is easy and they can last a very long time in your vase. So feel free to give them a new home after your bunch has finished flowering.

Monstera bloomon


Family: Solanaceae

With a Physalis in your vase you immediately create a cosy autumnal feeling at home. These, usually orange, flowers are up to five centimeters in size and look like small lanterns. They serve as a protective cover for the orange-red fruit inside them – a real bright light in any vase.

Physalis bloomon

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