Amsterdam artist Ren Phillips

Amsterdam artist Ren Phillips

Take a peek into the light and airy home-studio of Amsterdam based graphic designer Ren Phillips.

On your art and inspirations…

My passion is modern art. I’m inspired by different artists from the 1920s to present. I have always loved figurative paintings and the Impressionists, especially Monet. I’m less interested in technical and more into feelings, patterns, symmetry and bold, urban, graphic art. After working at a tattoo shop for a few years, I learned that bold lines work for a great tattoo. That experience definitely shows in one of my recent collections, I draw with a naturally heavy hand and for a long time my style was in old-school, American tattoos. My style has evolved and right now, I’m really inspired by Amsterdam designer Pete Parra. Next up, I’m collaborating with a stage designer to construct led light illustrations, a very exciting project!

The story behind your colorful landscape painting…

My partner, Tim, spent a weekend making our painting together. At first, we had a few small pieces hanging on the wall but we wanted something bigger since our living room is so light and spacious. Tim found some inspiring 1920’s patterns and then, I created about 10 different digital designs. We discussed a few ideas about what kind of art we wanted to make for our house before deciding on a colorful, bold geometric design which became a desert landscape sunset.

Describe your home design aesthetic in three words…

Minimal – We prefer quality over quantity try to stay away from clutter (that’s what the attic is for!). We’re very thoughtful about what we bring into our space. If something doesn’t have a special place or it doesn’t fit our vision, then we let it go.

Airy – The light in our apartment is incredible! Living on the top floor with high ceilings makes this space so fresh and spacious. Our kitchen table gets perfect light, I love to draw here in the mornings.

Intentional – We began with a vision for our space and constantly evolve the design until it fits. We love vintage and handmade pieces and don’t mind waiting and searching until we find that specific piece that’s exactly what we have imagined.

Three things you do to cultivate everyday happiness…

Exploring music – I am obsessed with finding new music! I often create and share playlists with friends on Spotify which is a great way to connect with new sounds (without the clutter). Right now, I have a lot of Chance the Rapper, Blood Orange, and Frank Ocean on repeat.

Cooking at home – Making and eating healthy food is a fun activity Tim and I do together. We love using fresh, local, wholesome ingredients and recently made a stir-fry dish with spring veggies that was amazing!

Connecting via Instagram – It’s great platform to follow and connect with other artists and illustrators from all over the world. Understanding and experiencing a different mindset than my own is very inspiring.