A one on one with our growers– fritillaria grower Marco

A one on one with our growers– fritillaria grower Marco

How are things now with our own growers?

Our flower growers: they’ve been working so hard for years to harvest to most beautiful seasonal flowers especially for us. Without them we wouldn’t have flowers! For many of them, these times are rough. Needless to say, we want to know how they’re doing. So that’s why for the comings weeks we’ll put a spotlight on our growers. This week we chat with Marco Verschoor.

Even voorstellen

Verschoor bloembollen B.V. is a family company specializes in growing special flowers and bulbs. In this grower’s “nursery”, they’re able to create over a 100 new breeds of ornamental flowers every year. They do this by cross-pollonating existing species to breed new unique species. Quite an elaborate process that takes up many years. Their greatest pride is the gorgeous fritillaria.

So, how are you coping?

Marco: “It’s been quite a different year than expected. The corona-virus has been taking its toll. When the outbreak started we even stopped auctioneering our goods because we were only allowed to offer 30% of our harvest. The going rates at auction were so low that we initially thought about quitting. Now, luckily, we’ve found a new way of working. We try to manage the growth of the flowers by slowing down the process by rolling up the plastics that cover the greenhouse-tunnels. This lowers the temperature in the greenhouses, making the flowers grow slower. This creates less waste, and the remaining flowers are given away for free at our little road-side stall. Also, we have to say, we’re extremely happy with bloomon for using our flowers in the bloomon bouquets. For you we harvest, among others, the gorgeous frittalaria, a very special bulb that blossoms well. Currently we are the only ones in the Netherlands growing these flowers.”

Why is the fritillaria the perfect flower in your vase?

“It’s a gorgeous, luxurous flower that you don’t come across that often. It has massive decorative impact in a vase. I believe that people are enjoying flowers on their tables at home more and more. Since we’re all stuck at home anyway we might as well surround ourselves some beautiful flowers, right?

How do we keep the fritillaria happy for a long time in our vase?

“They don’t appreciate too much warmth, so don’t place them in direct sunlight or by the heater. It’s very much a drinking flower and keeps on growing in your vase, so check the water level every three days and its clarity. Looking a bit cloudy? Refresh the water and cut a bit off the stem.”

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