A message from Bart

A message from Bart

It has been a hectic few weeks for all of us. It’s been especially hard to witness the situation of the growers, some of them throwing away up to 90% of their harvest. We’re very lucky that as an online florist our position is not comparable to the majority of the flower industry. And although flowers are not a necessity, we feel fortunate and encouraged to keep on bringing happiness to our customers’ lives and that of their loved ones by delivering flowers.

Over the past weeks, our primary concerns have been to keep our team and customers safe by finding ways to keep delivering flowers in a way that is safe and permitted by the (local) government. Last week we’ve also spent considerable time to give something back to the community. I’d like a moment to share what we at bloomon are focusing on right now.

Health & safety measures for our team

All our delivery and production staff work with stricter hygiene protocols. In accordance with the regulations, as many staff members as possible are working from home. Delivery and production team members who are not feeling well, have been in a risk area or have been in contact with infected people are all requested to stay at home.

Contactless delivery

We will still deliver your bouquet to your front door. However, instead of handing it over directly, we will do this with 'no contact' as much as possible. This means that the delivery person will still ring your bell as usual and will make sure that your door opens, but will then place your bouquet on your doorstep.

Supporting our grower community

We also carefully consider our growers’ needs. We see a lot of support for them in the broader community, which we really encourage. As an online florist, we can still make an impact for them by maximising the income they still have: by distributing as many flower orders to them as possible whilst paying them fair prices. In addition, we keep on giving our growers an update on future orders in order to provide a clear forecast.

Spreading happiness

We are happy to see our customers lighten up their living room or home office with our bouquets, and supporting and connecting with their loved ones by sending flowers. Since flowers have strong positive effects on our emotional wellbeing, we like to make the world a little happier, especially these days, with our bouquets. Our team is working really hard to be able to keep up with our promises and fulfil all your floral requests.

Support initiatives

In the past weeks, we’ve given away bouquets to your heroes. From healthcare professionals working around the clock, to a friend or family member who really needs their spirits lifted: we’ve asked our social media followers who they wanted to surprise with fresh flowers. Over a 1,000 bouquets have been given away and we will continue to do so when we can in the coming weeks.

What’s next

Over the next few weeks, we will continue monitoring local regulation updates and will keep you informed on how we will deliver our flowers. We will continue to support people around us where we can during these uncertain times. Last but not least, I want to share that I’m really proud of our team. We got a lot of great work done in a really short time span.

Keep safe,

Bart Troost - Founder & CEO bloomon