9 simple ways to feng shui your home

9 simple ways to feng shui your home

A happy, healthy home = a happy, healthy you!

If your New Year’s resolution had something to do with being healthier and more mindful, then adding a few feng shui-boosting elements to your home is your ticket to happiness. Whilst also promoting good health, productivity, and an improved quality of sleep!

What is feng shui?

The ancient Chinese art and science of feng shui dates back thousands of years. Feng shui — literally translated as ‘wind and water’ — centres around constructing or configuring a structure, site, or home in harmony with the surrounding energy forces, known as qi. It includes architecture, urban planning, and interior design.

How to feng shui your home

Whilst the feng shui philosophy is very complex — it shares Taoist roots along with Chinese medicine and astrology — we can take its core essence into our own homes. You’ll be surprised at how a few interior design tweaks, like plants or mirrors, can increase your home-based harmony!

As nine is the most auspicious number in feng shui, here are nine ways to attract positive energy into your home:

1. Clear the clutter

Whatever you don’t need, use, or love — let it go. Feng shui experts say that a cluttered home, especially the living room or bedroom, negatively impact us. Just read Marie Kondo’s book, ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up’ for inspiration on how to cut out clutter.

Top tip: Stock up on organisational boxes/shelves/cupboards, from tax folders to recycling to a special spot for your keys. You’ll feel empowered and calmer.


2. Green oasis

Plants are an important part of good feng shui. Houseplants create a calming green oasis , which can boost well-being and reduce stress. Greenery purifies the air in your home, which creates positive energy and reconnects you with nature.

Top tip: We love air purifiers like Phlebodium, peace lily, Ficus, and Fern. Attract wealth with Philodendron and prosper with potted bamboo.


3. Flowers, flowers, flowers

Flowers say more than words . They speak a universal language and are green healers, just like plants, which help lift our spirits. Colourful fresh flowers inspire endless creativity and encourage self-expression.

Top tip: As a flower company, we love filling every room with all kinds of flowers of the season to inspire happiness all year! The most popular flowers in feng shui are peonies, lotus, cherry blossoms, orchids, Narcissus, and Chrysanthemum.


4. Rooted in the elements

Balanced home, balanced mind. Create harmony by incorporating all the five elements — earth, wood, fire, water and metal — physically or symbolically into your living space. For example, if you feel demotivated, infuse more fire element into your home with candles or a patterned red rug.

Top tip: You want to strike a balance between all five. If your home is very neutral with a lot of white or metal, experiment with adding fire and wood elements like plants and cushions in rich, warming tones.


5. Embrace colour

Slow down the energy flow with invigorating colours on the walls or artwork in the common areas of your home. It encourages positive vibes to linger. You don’t have to paint the whole house turquoise. You can simply incorporate colour sparingly and still reap the benefits — one wallpapered feature wall will invite plenty of positivity.

Top tip: We absolutely love the rich colour and patterns of modern wallpapers from Roomblush that pair perfectly with plants and flowers!


6. Prosperity in a vase

If you love flowers, vases are an essential part of your home. In feng shui, a wealth vase is used to cure money-woes and strengthen the flow of prosperity. Fill your feng shui wealth vase with items that have personal meaning to you, traditionally gold coins or pyrite crystals.

Top tip: For extra-good feng shui, add soil from the garden of a wealthy friend, or an area with lush, vibrant energy, to your vase.


7. Reflect light and energy

Maximise natural light in your home to boost productivity and happiness. A quick (and stylish) fix are mirrors, which make rooms feel more spacious and are said to be prosperous when placed near the front door.

Top tip: When you hang a mirror, make sure it reflects light and not clutter or a crowded bookshelf.


8. Accessorise thoughtfully

Once you’ve decluttered, you want to curate a collection of items and furniture that are meaningful. Home accessories act as ‘energy anchors’ that can attribute positive or negative qi to your home. Our environment constantly influences us, even subconsciously.

Top tip: If it’s on display — whether it's a clock, candlestick, ornament, art, or book — it should inspire you, give you a warm memory, or sense of accomplishment.

9. Wishing water fountain

According to the principles of feng shui, water near your front door represents wealth. Your doorway is one of the most important areas of your home as it is the ‘mouth of qi’ — the place where all (good) energy flows in. A feng shui water fountain invites wealth into your home and removes stagnant energy.

Top tip: A fish tank (complete with a fish or a few) also encourages good fortune. In fact, nearly all homes in Hong Kong are designed with a built-in fish tank by the front door to ensure good feng shui!

The most important things to remember are to start simply, have fun with it, and enjoy the process — that’s good feng shui!

Start to feng shui your home right away by adding a bouquet of fresh, seasonal flowers, delivered through your ‘mouth of qi’, aka front door.