Peonies: 9 reasons to love spring’s favourite flower

Peonies: 9 reasons to love spring’s favourite flower

Peonies, peonies, everywhere. Will we ever get bored of them? Never!

Oh, spring. You beautiful season, you! Full of fresh energy, fields bursting into colour, and sunny cardigan-weather. It’s also the time of year that brings with it the highly anticipated peony season . And, with their voluminous petals in pastels, subtle scent, and jaw-dropping beauty, it’s not hard to see why!

Loved by Instagrammers and florists the world over, peony season finally here so it’s time to pay tribute to the darling bud of spring with 9 reasons to love the one proud member of family Paeoniaceae, the Paeonia.


1. Good fortune and happiness

There’s a reason peonies are one of the most popular wedding flowers out there. In floriography, the language of flowers, peonies represent all the good stuff: good fortune, happy marriage, riches, honour, and compassion and surprisingly, bashfulness.

2. Buried treasure

Peonies are as precious as they look. Gemstones to be treasured. The Paeonia plant only produces flowers once a year during peony season (roughly late April to mid-June). Precious peonies also don’t last as long as roses or ranunculus, adding to their prized value. You can help it last as long as possible by keeping it cool and out of direct sunlight.

3. From bud to BLOOM

Don’t judge a peony by the size of its bud. Arriving in your bouquet as a tight, sticky bud, it will undoubtedly bloom into an incredible mass of pastel petals as big as cabbages! Some peonies get to a whopping 25 cm in diameter.

It’s good to remind you here, give your peonies space to bloom to their full potential in your arrangement.


4. Healing effect

Peonies get their name from Paeon, a deity of healing in Greek mythology. In Chinese medicine, peonies have a long history of use. Purified extracts of peony root and seeds have been used to treat all sorts from headaches to asthma, and relieving pains associated with childbirth.

5. Live long and prosper

In total contrast to the flower’s brief bloom season and short vase life, the perennial peony plant can outlive us and is very hardy. Cared for correctly, a healthy plant can last more than a hundred years!


6. Sugar-sweet

Nope, you haven’t spilt honey on your peony-bud, they naturally have a sticky coating! As they bloom, this sweet nectar attracts pollinators helping to make — you guessed it — more peonies!

Sometimes peony buds have trouble blooming through all that sugary-nectar. Fix this by holding the peony bud, facing down, under a soft jet of cool water. This should unstick the petals so they’ll bloom in your vase.

7. Smell that, honey?

Peonies come in every colour, but blue and have delightful fragrances ranging from rose to citrus to musk. Peonies that bloom early in the season are often bright, colourful, and very fragrant — even musky! Later in the peony season, the double-petaled peonies bloom in perfect pastels and soft flowery scents.

Peony coral sunset test

8. Show me the peonies!

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of peonies to satisfy our cravings. The American Peony Society registers over 6500 cultivars! You’ve got flower forms ranging from single to double to bomb peonies, which remind us of everything from an anemone flower to a big bowl of ice cream and fluffy pompoms. Look out for ‘Coral Charm’ in our bouquets . It’s a colour-shifting peonies that goes from coral pink to soft peach.

9. Hidden message

Last but not least, peonies carry a special message: 'always act with honour and respect. Don’t afraid to make mistakes and share your love with as many others as possible'. Cheers to that! May we all have a little peony-wisdom in our lives this spring.

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