7 reasons why online flower delivery is blooming

7 reasons why online flower delivery is blooming

A modern way to buy field-fresh flowers

You just can’t beat the joy of flowers — they brighten your home as much as your mood. Online flower delivery companies are making it easier than ever for us to send beautiful bouquets as a gift and make sure our own homes have fresh flowers year-round.

We know buying flowers online makes life easier, but how does it compare with buying flowers from a supermarket or florist where you can touch, see, and feel? Mystery solved. Here are the benefits to buying and sending bespoke blooms online. You’ll be clicking that order button before you can say ‘ field-fresh bouquet ’.


1. Unbeatable vase life

It may come as a surprise, but flowers bought online are often fresher than in a shop. You reduce the risk of buying week-old retail flowers by going digital. Rebellious companies — like ourselves — have modernised industry by working directly with local growers.

bloomon bouquets go straight from the field to your table within thirty-six hours. By cutting out all the time-consuming steps in between — flower auctions, wholesalers, long lorry journeys, shops — you get to enjoy your fresh blooms for 10 days or more.

2. Conveniently convenient

For many of us, we’re too busy to find time to do the washing, let alone figure out where to buy flowers and then peruse what’s on offer. Luckily, buying flowers online takes a few seconds from any device, and your bouquet can be delivered to suit your schedule.


3. Signed, sealed, delivered

The doorbell rings and it’s like Christmas morning as you unwrap your bouquet — carefully undoing the wrapper and string, laying out your stems, and finding out flower names from the card. Your home is filled with the scent of flowers as you set about arranging your bouquet. Your slice of floral paradise, every time your flowers get delivered.

That’s because it’s not just flowers you’re ordering, it’s a whole package: feeling, lifestyle, and quality of service. Order flowers to your home or send a gift bouquet in a flash via the website. Customise a delivery that suits you, personalise a special card, and boom! Bouquets are delivered fresh by courier and kept hydrated with an aqua pack, ready for when you begin arranging.

4. Second-to-none floral artistry

If you feel weighed down by too many choices, bloomon gives you one less thing to think about by always sending the stylist’s latest seasonal bouquet . Surprise. This utterly unique way of having floral stylists design a new bouquet that’s delivered every week creates artistry unlike any other. Expect quality seasonal flowers in unexpected combinations. After all, life’s too short to have the same bouquet twice!


5. Good value

Let’s face it, we all love a good deal. And what flower fans want is an unforgettable bouquet of seasonal flowers with flexible delivery at a price that's right. bloomon’s super short supply chain means more effort goes into offering more luxurious stems and unique varieties. The flowers are then picked to order, professionally designed, hand-wrapped, and delivered with a smile with unrivalled freshness.

Plus, if you make use of features like ‘ invite a friend ’, you can get a free bouquet with every referral.


6. Support your local

It’s the best of both worlds when you can combine local grower ingenuity and the convenience of ordering online. bloomon works collaboratively with local growers — even cultivating new species of flowers — to ensure only the best quality, most surprising stems make into your home.

7. Going green

If you’re still thinking ‘why should I buy flowers online’, here’s some food for thought. bloomon’s floral stylists create a new bouquet every week, which remains a surprise until it’s delivered. This design process, along with only working directly with farmers, hugely cuts down floral waste.

There are others ways we strive to be greener. Our floral wraps are specially designed from recycled paper to protect your flowers upon delivery. We deliver by bicycle in some cities, and we go natural where we can — retired battery hens spend their days roaming a flower field, pecking away weeds. Happy hens, happy flowers!

There you have it, the modern way of buying flowers combines local floristry with convenient online delivery and a 100% happiness guarantee. Time to meet your new florist!