6 tips to add more volume in your bouquet, without gaps

6 tips to add more volume in your bouquet, without gaps

And add more volume to your bouquet

Does it also wind you up when you get gaps in your bouquet after placing them in a vase? Luckily, we know a neat trick to prevent these open spaces. A trick to place your stems in such a way that when divided just right, it’ll give your bouquet lots of volume!

Gaps in your bouquet are very much like a bad hair day, so annoying to not shape it the way you want it. With these tips, you’ll learn to arrange flowers like a pro.

1. Divide your stalks before you start arranging

Got yourself some fresh flowers? First take some time to arrange your stalks in categories, so you’ll be properly prepared. Group the stalks in soft, strong & mid-length or strong & long.

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2. Start with mid-length stalks

Start with the mid-length stalks to create the base of your bouquet. Remove excess leaves of the stalks before placing them in your vase. How do you know how much to cut? Start with removing the leaves that will end up in the vase, those will only dirty the water. But you can also remove more if you prefer, of course. Oh, and don’t forget to cut the stalks diagonally for maximum water intake.

3. Place your stalks crossways in your vase

Place a mid-length stalk all the way down, making it touch the bottom and have the upper half rest against the upper rim of the vase. Mirror this with the same type of stalks, creating a cross.

4. Turn your vase 180 degrees

Turn your vase 180 degrees and place the next mid-length stalks over the ones you’ve already placed. This way, they’ll be looser in the vase and you create a frame. That’s a good thing because this gives every flower enough room to bloom and shine. Keep turning your vase and placing all the flowers crossways till you’re done. Tip: alternate colours to get a colourful effect.

5. Place the soft stalks between the branches

Now it’s time for the soft stalks. You can have them resting against the other stronger stalks so that they'll stand up straight. But to make your bouquet extra special, you can also place the soft stalks by the rims of the vase, so they’ll hang beautifully alongside your vase. This will give your bouquet an original twist.

6. Final touch: place the longer stalks in between

Then on to the long stalks - which will make a statement in your bouquet - adding height and depth. And volume!

Prefer to see all these steps? Our floral stylist Anton will guide you through floral arranging in below video.

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