6 handy flower arranging tips by our flower stylists

6 handy flower arranging tips by our flower stylists

Always dreamt of the perfect bunch? We can make your dream come true! Bring your own bloomon masterpiece to life with the flower arranging tips from our flower stylists.

Got a fresh bloomon bouquet? From the moment that you take the flowers out of its packaging, the big styling bash can start. With every bunch, we give more info on arranging tips that fit the design you’re holding. To make every bouquet shine the brightest, our flowers stylists share some extra tips just for you.

Before you start

To enjoy your flowers longer, it is important to use a super clean vase. Read here how to do that in a sustainable way. Then cut 1 cm off the stem just before you put the flowers in the water. Now the styling can begin...

Tip 1: Get yo know your flowers

Flowers and branches will look even better when you spread them out evenly in your vase. So it’s good to study your flowers first. What shapes and colours are in your bunch? Which stems are sturdy and strong, and which are more flexible? Look at your flowers closely, which types do you know? This will not only help you with arranging but is also a great mindful activity.

Tip 2: The cross-technique

Flower arranging is like art. There’s no right or wrong way. To give every flower enough space, you apply the cross-technique while arranging. Ever built a wigwam? Then you know what we mean. Place the first stem with its end touching the bottom of the vase and have it lean against the rim of the vase. Simply put: make sure the stem is at a diagonal. Then do the same with the next stem but mirror it, creating a cross. Turn the vase halfway and place the next stems over the stems that are already in the vase. This is how you create a frame. Keep turning the vase and place the stems crossways till you’ve placed them all. Tip: interchange the colours for a colourful effect.

Tip 3: Remove excess leaves of the stem

Our flower stylists have already removed the excess leaves of the stems before the flowers reach you. Depending on the vase you pick, you might need to remove more leaves. Usually, the golden rule is to make sure that the leaves don’t go under the rim of the vase. This is how you prevent the water to get dirty easily. You can always remove more leaves if you like.

Tip 4: Play with your composition

The secret to our iconic style? Make your bunch look as natural as possible. Just imagine how the flowers would like in the field; different lengths and shapes. Not symmetrical, but always balanced. Create a playful look by having different lengths in the vase, according to the technique in our previous tip.


Tip 5: Extra attention for soft stems

Some flowers have a flexible stem, making it possible for the flower to bend slightly. This gives a playful effect. Tip: make the styling of your bouquet extra special by placing the soft stems by the rim of the vase, making them hang nicely in your vase.

Tip 6: Arrange long stems last

The long stems and branches are the main attractions in your bouquet. Arrange these last in your vase, creating more height and volume.

Extra-long enjoyment of your flowers

Do you want to enjoy flowers for an extra-long time? Go to our tips & trickspage, where we give you a lot of information about how to care for your bouquet. Your flowers will be grateful!