5 ways flowers can boost your mood

5 ways flowers can boost your mood

Because flower power is a thing!

We all know that flowers and plants are green healers. Within their delightfully-delicate petals, our blooming buddies hold the secrets to a better mood. Even more so, they can have a fundamental impact on our health — reducing stress and helping us to find peace of mind.

Multiple studies have shown the healing effect flowers have on those who receive them as a gift, and also those who regularly have fresh blooms in their home. Not only do these people appear to be less agitated, anxious, and depressed, but they feel more satisfied in their day-to-day lives.

But, what is it about flowers that put you in such a good mood?

1. Thinking clearly

Researchers found that employees have better cognitive performance when they have fresh flowers and plants at their workstations. Their creativity is also increased and their brains tick faster, making them better at problem-solving.

Because we spend so much time at work, keeping them around is a simple thing to do to help reduce stress levels — it also gives you something nice to look at between all those spreadsheets and emails.

2. Sweet dreams

Have you ever tried to stay upbeat and positive after a terrible nights sleep? It's tough, right?

While flowers can't cure insomnia, they can offer a range of relaxing benefits for bedtime bliss. For example, the smell of lavender is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, helping you to unwind and drift off into a more restful sleep. Or, you could introduce an air-purifying flowering plant like a peace lily into your bedroom. This beauty neutralises toxic gases like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide so you can breathe easy, and sleep heavy.

3. Better memory

Do you know that rosemary can sharpen your powers of recall? Not only does this flowering herb have a lovely blue bloom — and delectable scent — but it can help you to remember life's little details.

In 2015, a study was held in which researchers put groups of participants into three rooms and conducted a memory test. One room smelled of rosemary, one of lavender, and the other didn't have a particular aroma. Participants were then asked to take note of specific items in the room they would later be asked to recall.

The rosemary-scented room scored highest, whereas the people in the lavender room scored a lot lower — presumably because they were far too relaxed and sleepy to keep up with everything!

4. Colour therapy

If you’ve ever wandered through the Keukenhof during the annual tulip bloom, no doubt the variety of colours (hopefully not overshadowed by the crowds) have triggered some feel-good emotions.

Colour has a way of creating or amplifying our mood, and by using flowers strategically in your home or office, you can add a little-curated colour therapy with every step. For instance; encourage your creativity and free-thinking with some blue flowers — another great choice for working spaces.

5. A sense of purpose

Nurturing a plant and keeping it alive is a great self-esteem kick because it gives us a sense of fulfilled responsibility. Even a small flower bed that you can call your own can create a mood-lifting feeling of accomplishment as you nourish new growth.

If you don't have the gardening space for a floral patch, try tending to floral house plants and watching them grow — or checking out our Tips & Tricks for bouquet care.

The overwhelming reason why we like to be surrounded by flowers is, of course, their innate beauty. However, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should welcome flowers into your home — like their mood-boosting health benefits!