Wellbeing boost: 5 tips for a more flower-filled home

Wellbeing boost: 5 tips for a more flower-filled home

Let the good vibes bloom

Forget back-to-work blues, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered: fresh flowers that not only uplift your mood but your interior, too! As we wave (somewhat reluctantly) goodbye to summer, we welcome flowers into our homes with open arms, just like chunky knits and pumpkin spiced lattes.

We asked five inspiring people in our community their tips on how they surround themselves with flowers at home. From creative wall art to colourful bouquet arrangements, a more flower-filled life can boost your wellbeing more than you might think!

Tip 1

You can never have too many flowers


Too much of a good thing doesn’t apply when it comes to incorporating flowers into your home, muses Evy Saerens — and we couldn’t agree more. To feel uplifted by flowers, she mixes different kinds into her home decor: floral murals, Dutch Master-style paintings, fresh flowers, and pillows embroidered with flowers. And even wears a floral dress or three!

“I like to surround myself with flowers in every possible way — so it feels like spring, year-round. Instant happiness.”
— Evy Saerens

Tip 2

Colour your home happy

“Enjoy colour. Enjoy the colour of every flower. Mix colour and use your bouquet to decorate.”
— Theobert


A subtle yet powerful way to affect your mood at home is colour. Interior stylist Theobert ( @theobert_pot ) creates atmospheric spaces by mixing hues — and flowers are a big part of that! Colours are associated with specific healing properties in chromotherapy (colour therapy). Green, for example, calms the nervous system.

Tip 3

With fresh flowers, think outside the vase

Who says flowers have to go in a vase? Laura Wolter ( @oursweetliving ) takes surrounding herself with flowers, to feel their uplifting benefits, one step further — making inspiring displays around her home with fresh flowers. She even gets to sleep in a literal bed of roses! Bliss.

“They say where flowers bloom, the world smiles. A beautiful, colourful bouquet in a creative way, that’s what makes me happy.”
— Laura Wolter

Tip 4

Bring nature indoors


Flowers and houseplants work miracles, creating a cheerful and cosy space that feels like a sanctuary. This is where something as simple as mini vases comes in — ideal for spreading fresh flowers around the whole house, just as Karen van Duijenbode ( @KarenvanDuijenbode ) demonstrates in her living room.

“I live in busy Amsterdam, but I prefer to be in nature. With flowers in my house, I can withdraw and feel like I’m in nature and despite the bustle of the city.”
— Karen van Duijenbode

Tip 5

Incorporate fresh flowers into your home decor

“for me, having flowers and plants in the apartment is both calming and inspiring at the same time”
— Ani

Just as felines become family, fresh flowers should be part of the furniture. A constant part of your interior decoration. Whether it’s flowers on your table or creating a year-round wreath to hang as wall decoration, the limits are endless! As Ani ( @Lieblingsmadchen ) puts it, flowers are a small luxury that gives a lot of pleasure.

There you have it! 5 tips to surround yourself with flowers at home. If you’ve got an inspiring way of getting more flowers in your life, show us by tagging your images on Instagram or Facebook with #bloomon . We’d love to see what you’ve got!