5 flower fragrances for a positive mind

5 flower fragrances for a positive mind

Breathe in, flower out!

There’s nothing better than the scent of fresh flowers. Their fragrance has the power to evoke nostalgic memories, elevate mood, and envelope you in a feeling of calm.

The holistic healing treatment of aromatherapy — using natural flower and plant essential oils — has a positive effect on physical health and emotional well-being. Olfactory psychologists state that the smell of flowers stimulate our brain to create dopamine, the natural ‘happiness’ chemical, along with triggering memories. Clove or cinnamon reminds us of Christmas, the smell of coffee prompts wakefulness. That is some serious flower power!

Here are our top picks of the most fragrant, brain-nourishing flowers around.


The softly sweet scent of jasmine evokes a feeling of spring in many people — the season that this flower blooms. From the branches grow numerous small, white calyx-shaped flowers that exude an exotic smell, especially in the evening and at night. That’s why jasmine is also known as the queen of the night.

Jasmine has a calming effect and the fragrance may help you fall asleep faster. If you feel anxious or stressed, inhale the scent of jasmine to relax. Did you know jasmine is the perfect scent for meditation? Extra special in combination with lavender, cedarwood or bergamot.


Besides being the favourite food of koala bears, eucalyptus helps you get into a positive mindset. Essential oils extracted from eucalyptus are widely used in beauty products and herbal remedies. It has a healing effect and energises the brain. Start your day energetically the natural way by rubbing eucalyptus leaves with your fingers and inhale the fragrance. Instant vitality!


The sensual scent of the Matthiola incana brings out the sweetest memories. You can best describe the fragrance as tough and feminine at the same time. Did you know that it is the top note in our scented candle, which we developed together with the fragrance experts from Marie-Stella-Maris? Burn the candle and unwind to the luxurious scent in the comfort of your own home!


Describe the scent of a rose? It’s hard because the scent is synonymous with the flower itself: rose, or damask. One thing’s for sure, it's enchanting and rousing. Fresh roses exude a harmonious scent — just one of the reasons why it’s a favourite in interiors. Ideal for when you want to retreat after a hectic day.


When we think of lavender, we immediately think ‘peace’ and ‘comfort’. It’s been proven that the scent of lavender can reduce stress levels. Researchers did a test: they had the test subjects move strenuously for two minutes. Afterwards, half of them were instructed to smell lavender, the other half didn’t. Those who smelled lavender had lower blood pressure and a lower heart rate during recovery.

Sit back and relax to the luxury of full bloom with your own fragrant, field-fresh bouquet: