5 feel-good books to cocoon with this winter

5 feel-good books to cocoon with this winter

The perfect cold-weather page-turners to cosy up with

Out top tips for staying warm and cosy this winter? Snuggling up at home with the candles lit, tea brewing, fresh flowers blooming, and a great book to read. Here are our top five picks for the perfect lazy day — or evening.

12 rules for life

Jordan B. Peterson
Everything you need to know in this modern world. Psychologist Jordan B. Peterson answers the most difficult questions in a humoristic way. Peterson tells you why you always have to pet a cat when you meet one on the street, what happens to your mind when you always criticize, and more.

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Things you see when you slow down

Haemin Sunim
Is it the world around you that’s busy, or is it your mind? In this beautiful book, writer and Buddhist Haemin Sunim teaches you how to slow down and soak up everything around you in a fun, inspiring way. Apply his technique in your daily life, and you will live a lot more consciously, and calmer.

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The perfectly Imperfect Woman

Milly Johnson
They say Milly is the queen of feel-good fiction, so this book is definitely a must read this season. The story is about Marnie Salt, who made a lot of wrong decisions in her life. She fears that she will never be on the right track again, until she meets a special person. After this special meeting, Marnie’s life will never be the same again – in a perfectly good way. This heartwarming novel gives you a smile and a lot of stuff to think about.

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck

Mark Manson
It’s impossible to always look on the bright side of life. It is time to embrace your 'shortcomings' and to deal with them in the right way. Mark Manson teaches you how to turn the urge to run away from your fears into an urge to get to know them — and to know yourself. Not a heavy self-help book, but a wealth of handles that provide a solid basis for growth on a personal level.

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Héctor Garcia
Ikigai seems to be the secret for a long, contented and healthy life — just ask the remarkably large number of active and healthy centenarians living on the Japanese island of Okinawa. In this book, the authors investigate the art of youthful ageing, in addition to themes such as stress, nutrition, personal care, sleep, meditation, and exercise all in which Ikigai plays a leading role.

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