4 yoga poses inspired by flowers

4 yoga poses inspired by flowers

Yoga for beginners

As a flower company, we live and breathe all things floral. One way to incorporate the joy of flowers into our daily lives – more than a fresh bouquet , of course – is during yoga practice. From Lotus to Bird Of Paradise, more asanas (yoga poses) are inspired by nature and flowers than you think!

Bring yourself closer to nature with these gentle, restorative yoga poses inspired by flowers suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

“Happiness radiates like a fragrance from a flower and draws all good things toward you”

– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

These selected flower yoga poses are ideal yoga for beginners. These gentle movements aim to calm the body and awaken the mind. These flower yoga poses are for inspiration, go only as far as is comfortable for you if trying these at home! Remember to breathe deeply and harmoniously. Be kind to yourself – Namasté!


Tree Pose

Strong roots and light leaves – Tree Pose is known as Vrksasana in Sanskrit and is a fundamental posture in yoga. A simple pose, but a powerful pose for increasing a sense of balance and strengthening legs, ankles, and spine. There are variations on how to hold your arms, either in prayer position – thumbs against your heart as you breathe and create space there. Or, raise your arms over your head and extend fingers like beautiful leaves. A Tree a day keeps the doctor away!

How to do it:
Strong base, shift your weight onto one foot. With the help of your hand bring the sole of your foot to your shin, or your inner thigh (not the knee!). Bring your hands to prayer position near your heart. When you feel balanced, raise your arms. Elongate from your feet to your fingertips.


Lotus Pose

The iconic flower yoga pose – Lotus. Known as padmasana in Sanskrit, it is the position for meditation. A sitting position that looks easy, but requires strength and flexibility. Lotus position is said to calm the brain, strengthen the spine, ease menstrual discomfort. Like the lotus, you are symmetrical – your pelvis open and your organs have the space they need to function properly. This floral yoga pose can be intense for beginners, so stay only as long as is comfortable. Feel the full bloom!

How to do it:
Sit down with your legs straight in front. Bend your right knee, cradle it, placing your right foot on to the top of your left thigh. This is known as half lotus. For full lotus, bring your left foot onto the top of your right thigh. Soles of your feet facing upward. Elongate your spine and neck, remaining relaxed. Rest your hands on your knees. Or palms facing up on your knees, bring your index finger and thumb together.


Flower Pose

A true floral yoga pose! Also known as Flowering Lotus, in Sanskrit, it’s called Vikasitakamalasana. The benefits of this pose are increasing balance and core strength. This pose helps mindfulness and is also a favourite in yoga for children.

Fun fact : if you do this exercise with several people at once and you put your feet together, you can form a new, bigger blossoming flower together!

How to do it:
Sit on your seat bones, bend your knees and put the soles of your feet together. Lengthen your back, take a deep breath and then raise your legs a bit. Balance your seat bones and cross your arms crosswise under your legs. Your palms are facing up.


Butterfly Pose

Without butterflies, there’d be no flowers. A mindful attitude and gratitude to take on board in your yoga practice. The butterfly posture relaxes your nervous system and ensures recovery in your body and mind. You can benefit from this gentle pose before you start your practice, as a way of calming the body and clearing the mind. Likewise, it’s it’s a good yoga pose to close your practice with.

How to do it:
Seated: Sit with your legs outstretched. Pull the soles of your feet together, toward your pelvis with soles facing upward. To extend the stretch, use your elbows to push your knees down and bend your forehead toward your toes.

Laying down: Lay on your back, knees bent, soles on the floor. Bring soles of your feet together and let your knees gently fall outward. Hands can rest by your side or on your belly. This is a yin yoga posture, so feel free to relax in this hip opening position for several minutes. Too much hip sensation? Use two pillows under your knees for support.

Breathe in. Flower out!

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