3 simple steps to get your flowers ready for spring

3 simple steps to get your flowers ready for spring

With the sun now in your lounge, your flowers deserve some extra attention. We refresh your memory with three important care tips, so your flowers can shine for a long time.

1. Prevent bacteria growth and start with a clean vase

Bacteria growth in your vase is the worst for your flowers. When bacteria have their way, your flowers can droop, or worse, wilt. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent bacteria growth, especially now with rising temperatures. But you can delay the process. So are you busy with spring-cleaning? Then give your vase a good scrub before placing the flowers. We are happy to show you how you can clean your vase in a sustainable way

Bloomon bouquet in cardboard wrap on a table with a pitcher of water

2. Don't place your vase in direct sunlight

It may not seem warm, but the spring sun can be tricky. During a sunny spring day it can get terribly warm inside. It’s lovely to welcome the season in your interior, but not so nice for your flowers. Direct sunlight can burn flower petals. The perfect spot for your vase? One with a consistent temperature, preferably in the shade.

Woman arranging the bloomon Atelier bouquet in a vase

3. Check the water level of your vase

In spring, you may leave the heating on and the sun can warm you lounge too, which can cause the air in your home to be quite dry and will vaporise the water in your vase. Also, some flowers like tulips, take in a lot of water. So check your flowers daily. Are they still standing upright and do they still have enough water? Fill your vase, in time, with cold tap water and clean it as well, ensuring that bacteria have no chance to affect your stems. Cut a bit off the stem before you place the flowers back in the clean vase.

Vase with water and a hand holding an allium

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