3 reasons why flowers will make your valentine blush

3 reasons why flowers will make your valentine blush

Whether it’s for your lover, best friend, family or neighbours - show your loved ones you care!

A cliché to give flowers on Valentine’s Day? Of course not! We give you three good reasons why flowers are the perfect gift.

1. More than just a flower...

A flower in itself is a beautiful gift. But did you know that many flowers have a special meaning? The tulip symbolises love and freesia friendship. Curious which message you convey with the flowers you’ve given (or received)? You can read all about it in our blog ‘The language of flowers.’

2. Flowers bring happiness

Joy is in the smallest of things. Did you know that many studies have proven that flowers and plants will help you with feeling better? Not just when you receive a bouquet of flowers, but also when you treat yourself to some flowers or a beautiful plant for your home. People who have flowers and plants in their home are happier and less stressed. Researchers also found out that employees perform better when surrounded by flowers or plants at work (that’s why we’re so content at bloomon!). Having flowers around you not only helps you concentrate, it also raises creativity and will help you tackle issues easier.

3. Flowers make you blush

Perhaps you should take this one with a grain of salt, but apparently flowers stimulate your libido! The French Institute for Public Opinion has done some research. They found out that 63% of women between the ages of 18 and 24 got a boost in their libido from a bouquet of flowers.

On the lookout for a great Valentine’s gift? How about this:

Luxuriously wrapped gift card

Give flowers when it suits your loved one best and surprise your Valentine with a festively wrapped bloomon gift card. Delivered with a personal note and through the postbox. You decide how many bouquets to give, the receiver decides when we deliver the flowers. The delivery stops automatically.