3 new ways to style your Easter tree

3 new ways to style your Easter tree

One Easter branch, three ways

Do you have Easter holiday traditions? Thoughts of chocolate egg hunts, colourful bonnets, and hot cross buns may spring to mind, but this season we’re reviving the good old Easter tree — reinventing it to give your home some Easter sparkle, whilst remaining effortlessly stylish.

All you'll need to create these Easter tree looks is a fresh branch of Forsythia spectabilis (Easter tree) or Salix ‘Golden Curls’ (willow). You will find both these spring stems in our spring bouquets, delivered the two weeks around Easter. Chocolate egg-baubles are optional!

Let’s hop to it:

1. Hanging gardens of Forsythia


Who says a tree has to be rooted in the ground? We looked to the heavens to create this elegant Easter look: a hanging forsythia branch to be admired like a halo above your table.

DIY: Screw two hooks or stick two self-adhesive hooks into the ceiling, about two-thirds the length of the forsythia branch apart. Then, using two equal lengths of fishing wire or ribbon, secure the branch to the hooks.

2. Table runner


If you lost track of time hunting chocolate Easter eggs and need a quick and easy solution for your Easter table decoration, forsythia’s got you covered. Elegant and bright, welcome spring into your home by laying a branch of forsythia on your table as a fresh table runner. It couldn’t be simpler, or more stylish.

DIY: Keep the forsythia in a vase of clean water until the last minute. Then, lay the branch on your table. Voilà!

3. The new classic


The great thing about traditions is that they evolve over time and with each generation. Take the Easter tree. Long ago in Sweden, the Easter Tree tradition ( Påskris ) began as a bunch of twigs. They were used to whip sleeping Christian children on Good Friday as a way of transferring the life-power of the twigs to the child! Nowadays, Swedish children adorn painted eggs to a branch instead. Not a whip in sight. Phew.

Update your own Easter tree in a modern and simple way. Place a single branch of forsythia or Salix ‘Golden Curls’ in a vase to be admired on its own. This stand-out look is inspired by ikebana , the Japanese philosophy of arranging flowers.

DIY: Pop the branch in a vase. Be sure to clean the vase with soap and warm water and fill it ⅓ with fresh water. Of course, add painted or chocolate eggs for a pop of colour or a mid-afternoon sugar-rush.

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