10 ways to Feng Shui your house

10 ways to Feng Shui your house

The art of Feng Shui is all about living in harmony with our environments. It is an ancient philosophy that originated in China over 3500 years ago. Then, it was mainly used for the organization of important spiritual buildings. Its purpose is to stimulate the flow of positive energy within spaces. Today, Feng Shui is no longer exclusive to Eastern cultures. It has also become popular in the West to help with the organization of our home interiors. We have listed ten simple ways to Feng Shui your home that will do you good.

1. Bring in fresh air with plants

Plans symbolize new beginnings. There is no better way to start the flow of energy in your house than by adding some greenery, or freshly cut flowers. Plants naturally purify the air in your house, which creates positive energy for your health.

2. Feng shui bedroom: mind the position of your bed

Your bed supports your personal energy, and is home to the energy of love and healing. You don’t want that energy to flow away by placing your bed in line with a door! Also make sure that the area around the place you sleep is smooth and balanced. This will improve your rest.

3. Flowers, flowers, flowers!

Flowers say more than words. In fact, they speak a universal language of natural beauty and serenity. Their different shapes and colours inspire endless creativity. Show your personality with flowers! Creative self-expression – that is what number three is about.

4. Create clarity with crystals

In Feng Shui, number four symbolizes stability and grounding. Bringing crystals into your home will help you to get down to earth. Not a strange idea, since crystals are created deep under the ground! Let yourself be attracted by their unique beauty and qualities. Besides adding in a protective energy to your home, they are also a great decorative statement.

5. Choose natural colours for a feng shui living room

After stability comes adventure and radical transformation with number five. The living room is often the busiest area of your home. Keep things balanced by choosing calming feng shui colours. Think earthy, beige, and cream. Anything natural, really! This will improve harmony during busy times.

6. Peonies: a cure for love and romance

Two fundamentals for any relationship are patience and care – which in Feng Shui are symbolized by number six. These qualities are nourished by the sensuousness of the peony. We are in love with its smell! And we are not the only ones. Some feng shui masters even discourage placing this seductive flower in the bedroom of an older couple, as to prevent affairs with younger women! Now that’s what we call flower power…

7. Attract prosperity with a feng shui wealth vase

Personal growth is the meaning behind number seven. If you love flowers, vases are an essential element in your house. In feng shui they are used to attract prosperity. Pick your favourite one and fill it with small items such as a laughing Buddha or golden coins. It is said that adding soil from the garden of a wealthy friend does wonders…

8. The power of mirrors

The shape of number eight symbolizes infinite, ever flowing energy. Mirrors create more space and light, stimulating a better energy streaming through your house. Tip: place your mirror facing the garden, or a beautiful vase with fresh flowers. This will draw in all of its good feng shui energy. A double win situation!

9. The wisdom of the lotus flower

The last number is nine, symbolizing the highest accomplishment. In feng shui, the lotus flower stands for pureness and spiritual mastery. The saying “no mud, no lotus” reminds us that difficult times in our lives help us perfect our beings. A beautiful lotus always roots in mud! The image of a lotus in a central place in your house will keep your spirits high every day.

10. Bonus tip: space clearing!

But most importantly, surround yourself only with the things you love. If it doesn’t make you happy, it’s not worth keeping. Clear your space, clear your mind!

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